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District Board Meeting on June 28 Meeting minutes…

2021–2022 North American Pairs — District finals schedules announced More information…

Grand National Teams update Click here…

99er NiteClub gets a new “handle” – Click here to view the new Flyer…

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Lots of New Goodies!

Melanie Haddad and Bill Yeast report on how they designed and produced this on-line newsletter completely in-house by volunteers – a first for D21! They didn’t stop there, they created this new website that works well on any device and has lots of trendy new features.   Continue reading→


President’s Report

Sigrid Price, President, D21 Board of Directors, reports on the flurry of activity at the District as we prepare to bring live bridge back to the clubs, sectionals, and regionals, including the Reno Regional in October. Read Sigrid’s report for more about all that is happening in the District.   Continue reading→


Board of Directors Report

Ray Yuenger, Secretary, D21 Board of Directors, reports on the Board of Directors’ meeting on June 29, 2021. The Board had a packed agenda, dealing with items ranging from the return to live bridge to approving the District’s first budget.  Continue reading→


District Director’s Report

Stu Goodgold, D21 District Director, reports on the recent ACBL Board of Directors special meeting. With live bridge returning across North America (as of June 21 there were 804 clubs opened for live games), Stu reports on how the ACBL is approaching the return to face-to-face bridge.    Continue reading→

Alert! Face to Face Regional in Sparks Canceled

The District 21 Board of Directors has voted to cancel the Sparks-Reno Regional scheduled for October 4 through 10, 2021…   Continue reading→

STaC’s are Back! STaC Week Returns to D21!

Cornelia Gould, Western Conference D21 Board member, reports that STaC’s are back! Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC) games provide the opportunity for players to earn silver points and gain larger masterpoint awards. The Western Conference will hold STaC games from August 16-22, 2021 and December 6-12, 2021.   Continue reading→