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Monterey Regional, January 3–9
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President’s Report

Sigrid Price, President, D21 Board of Directors, reports on what is happening in the District and her return to face-to-face bridge. She also invites all District members to attend the next D21 Board of Directors meeting on November 18.

Monterey Regional, Jan 3–9

Nancy Boyd, D21 Tournament Manager, reports on the reasons for the cancellation of the Reno Regional and the return of the Monterey Regional from January 3 to 9, 2022. Read Nancy’s report for all the plans and book your room now!

NAP Finals Online

Susan Mazzei, D21 NAP Coordinator and Board member, reports on the decision to eliminate Unit NAP finals this year and to hold the District NAP FInals online. She provide qualification and registration information.

Dear Buddy

Anne Hollingsworth, D21 Ombudsman, introduces her column in which she addresses your questions. This month she explains NAP. Send your questions, suggestions, even complaints to Anne. Her contact info is in her report.

Western Conference News

Cornelia Gould, Western Conference D21 Board member, was recently elected as the Conference President. She reports on recent changes in the membership of the Districts within the Conference. Also, she discusses the Western Conference Sectional Tournament at Clubs (STaC) games to be held December 6–12, 2021.

District Director Report

Stu Goodgold, D21 District Director, reports on recent meetings and decisions of the ACBL Board of Directors, including how the ACBL Board of Directors and the ACBL are approaching online and face-to-face bridge.

Board of Directors’ Report

Ray Yuenger, Secretary, D21 Board of Directors, reports on the Board of Directors’ meeting on September 18, 2021. The Board had a full agenda.