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Happy Tax Day District 21. We hope your returns are filed and your thoughts are turning to another kind of return — the return to face-to-face bridge!

District 21 players are venturing out – just have a look at the photos and reports from our Units in the Heart of the District (Unit Reports). The recent NABC in Reno, hosted by District 21, was a great success with attendance exceeding the ACBL’s expectations. Read Jackie Zayac’s report for more information.

Plans are underway for the District’s next regional — the California Capital Regional in Sacramento from May 30 to June 5. Read Nancy Boyd’s report for details. We look forward to seeing you there!

Finally, returning to returns, a huge thank you to Tom Pajak, who not only prepares and files the District’s tax returns, he files returns for most of the units in the District as well!

President’s Report

Sigrid Price, President, D21 Board of Directors, reports on the Reno NABC, the District’s return to face-to-face bridge, and plans for the Sacramento Regional from May 30 to June 5, 2022. She also announces the recipient of the District 21 Goodwill Member of the Year!

Sacramento Regional, May 30–June 5

Nancy Boyd, D21 Tournament Manager, reports on the upcoming California Capital Regional in Sacramento. Lots of innovations, new sessions, and volunteer opportunities! Read Nancy’s report for the details and book now for the special bridge rate.

Reno NABC—A Great Success!

It’s over and it was epic! The 2022 Reno NABC was held March 10-20.Jackie Zayac, Chair, 2022 Reno NABC Committee, reports on the Reno NABC and thanks the many volunteers who made the tournament a complete success.

STaC Week—May 2–8

Cornelia Gould, President of the Western Conference and D21 Executive Committee Officer, reports on the special Royal STaC held in March and announces the dates of the next STaC week. With participation from Districts 18, 19, 21, 22, and 23, there will be the opportunity to play for big awards of silver points! See Cornelia’s report for all the details.

Grand National Teams

Grant Vance, D21 GNT Coordinator, reports that qualifying for Grand National Teams is well underway. He announces the District 21 winners in the Open and Flight B events and reminds us that teams may still register to compete in Flights A and C! Don’t miss your chance to represent District 21 in the NABC in Providence in July!

Dear Buddy

As we return to face-to-face bridge, Anne Hollingsworth, D21 Ombudsman, explains the variety of events offered at tournaments. Send your questions, suggestions, even complaints to Anne. Her contact info is in her report.

District Director Report

Stu Goodgold, D21 District Director, reports on the recent meeting of the ACBL Board of Directors at the Reno NABC. It was the Board’s second meeting in person since Fall 2019. They covered many issues including Unit sectionals, the return to face-to-face bridge, and online cheating.

Board of Directors’ Report

Ray Yuenger, Secretary, D21 Board of Directors, reports on the Board of Directors’ meeting on February 23. The Board had a full agenda including settlement of the Monterey Hyatt’s attrition claim.