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California Capitol Regional

May 29 to June 4, 2023

Sacramento, CA

Grand National Teams (GNT)

Championship Flight – Open

Flight A – under 6,000 masterpoints

Flight B – under 2,500 masterpoints

Flight C – Non-Life Master under 500 masterpoints


Looking for news from your Unit? — See the Heart of the District button below.

At its February 1 meeting, the D21 Board of Directors elected Anne Hollingsworth as President. Read Anne’s first President’s Report below. See Ray’s report for all the election results and a full report of the Board meeting.

A huge thank you to Sigrid Price, our outgoing D21 President, who did an amazing job leading the District through some difficult times. Be sure to thank her when you see her, and that’s not all we have to thank her for. We are fortunate that Sigrid has agreed to chair the D21 Tournament Planning Committee. See Sigrid’s report below for the latest tournament news.

Have you ever thought about competing with a team at a National tournament? Registration for the 2023 Grand National Teams is open! The GNT is held annually at the summer ACBL North American Bridge Championship (NABC). To compete, your team must qualify at the District level. Consider signing up to compete to represent District 21 at the Summer NABC in Chicago. See Grant’s report for more information and the registration links, which are also above.

Speaking of competing at a National tournament, congratulations to the winners of the District finals of the North American Pairs (NAP) competition:

Flight A (contested in person at the Monterey Clambake Regional): T-C Yang & Yanong Han, John Miller & Lynn Shannon, and Anant Rathi & Andrew Gumperz.

Flight B (online): Matthew & Jun Shi, Donghui Lu & Frank Xie, Rolando Grijalva & Julie Wong, and Qing Yang & Elenalani Lam.

Flight C (online): Aravind Alwan & Prashanth Sriram, Shailesh Sampat & Milind Girkar, Zhenling Wang & Shazia Makhdumi, and Arnold Jacobson & Robert Lapointe.

These pairs will represent the District in the NAP finals at the NABC in New Orleans in March. Congratulations and good luck!

Finally, Double Dummy is a documentary film, featuring a team of Americans playing in the junior world championships of bridge. It’s now streamable here and on the PBS App. The cast includes recent ACBL Player of the Year winner Zach Grossack, and three former Kings of Bridge. It’s fun to watch and a great way to introduce new players to bridge!

President’s Report

Anne Hollingsworth,the newly elected President, D21 Board of Directors, thanks outgoing President, Sigrid Price, and looks ahead at bridge in District 21. Read
Anne’s report for the details.

D21 Tournament Report

Sigrid Price, Chair, Tournament Planning Committee, reports on the Monterey Regional and updates on the venue for the District’s Memorial Day Regional. Read Sigrid’s report for more information.

Grand National Teams – dates announced

Grant Vance, D21 GNT Coordinator, announces the dates
of the Grand National Teams (GNT) qualifying and final events. Registration for these events is now open! See Grant’s report for all the details and registration links.

Royal STaC – May 1 – 7

Cornelia Gould, President of the Western Conference and D21 Executive Committee Officer, announces the dates of the next Royal Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC). You’ll have the opportunity to compete against players from Districts 21, 22 and 23 and earn black, red, silver and gold points!. Mark your calendars now! See Cornelia’s report for all the details.

District Director Report

Stu Goodgold, D21 District Director, reports on the recent activities of the ACBL Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has been busy, and Stu’s report is full of information about recent changes in ACBL management as well as to rules, the addition of a new 0-6000 event at the Fall NABC, and upcoming issues the ACBL Board of Directors is considering. Read Stu’s report for all the news!

Region 12 Director Report

Jackie Zayac, started her term in January in the new position of Region 12 Director on the ACBL Board of Directors representing D20 and D21. She wants to hear from you. See Jackie’s report for more info and how you can help!

Board of Directors’ Report

Ray Yuenger, Secretary, D21 Board of Directors, reports on the meeting of the Board of Directors on February 1, 2023 Elections for District officers as well as Representatives to the ACBL Advisory Council were held.