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District 21
American Contract Bridge League

District 21 ACBL Home

District 21
American Contract Bridge League

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All Western Championships Regional

August 27 to September 2, 2024

Santa Clara, CA

Reno Sparks Regional

October 7 to October 12, 2024

Santa Clara, CA


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Ruminations, Reservations, Rank Advancements, and Regionals!

This month’s issue of the Diamond in the Ruff covers a lot of ground. From boardroom discussions and charitable grants to enjoying the bridge journey and the myriad of opportunities to play in D21, we’ve got it all.

Sigrid Price has been ruminating and has reservations about a lot of things. What do you have reservations about? Read Sigrid’s article and let us know.

But before you do, take Sigrid’s advice and make your reservations for our upcoming regionals! Tournament Committee Co-Chairs Anne and Brenda have all the info you need to mark your calendars and book your rooms for the Santa Clara and Reno/Sparks regionals. Get ready for your next bridge adventure!

There are plenty of opportunities to play coming up in D21. STaC is back! Joanne’s article has all the details you need. NAP qualifiers have already begun—check out Jim’s report for the schedule and Conditions of Contest.

Just beginning? Try the 199er NiteClub, an online haven for beginner bridge players offering games, lessons, and a supportive community. Read Ray’s article to find out how you can join and elevate your bridge game! D21 is also excited to announce a few Non-Life Master Regionals have been scheduled. See Ray’s report for more details, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on these new events.

Whether you are just beginning your bridge journey or have been playing for years, it’s important to remember why we love the game. Unit 530 member Joe Truskot reflects on his masterpoint journey and offers some fantastic advice on enjoying every step of the way.

After a hiatus, D21 is returning to making charitable grants. The Charity Committee invites nominations. Read Jeff’s report for the list of the charities nominated so far and how to nominate your favorite cause. Remember, nominations must be submitted by August 1.

As you can see, there’s a lot happening in D21! Want to get involved? Consider volunteering at a regional, joining a committee, or simply sharing your ideas. It takes all of us working together to keep the D21 bridge community growing and thriving.

President’s Report

Anne Hollingsworth, President, D21 Board of Directors, acknowledges some of the issues with the hotel at the recent Sacramento Regional and looks forward to D21 tournaments, the new Non Life Master Regionals, and other upcoming D21 events.

Tournament Report

Anne Wilson and Brenda Hatton, Co-Chairs, Tournament Planning Committee, report on the recent Sacramento Regional and look forward to the District’s upcoming regionals in Santa Clara and Sparks/ Reno. Make your plans now!

Ruminations on Reservations

Sigrid Price,D21 Executive Committee and former D21 President and Chair D21 Tournament Committee, is ruminating. See Sigrid’s report for what’s on her mind. Here’s a hint…she’s already made her hotel reservations for Santa Clara and Reno!

North American Pairs (NAP)

Jim Coke,D21 NAP Coordinator, reports that NAP qualfiers have already begun. D21 finals will take place at the Monterey Regional in January 2025. Read Jim’s article to learn how you can participate and potentially win an NABC title!

Calling All Beginning Players! Discover the
199er NiteClub

Ray Yuenger,D21 Secretary, reminds all beginning bridge players about the 199er NiteClub. It’s an amazing opportunity to play (online) with your peers and get free lessons. A wonderful way to improve your game and meet new players.

Royal STaC is Back! May 6 to 12

Joanne WickerD21 Representative, Western
Conference, gives details of the upcoming STaC week. Be sure your local club signs up to participate.

District Dispatches – Climb Every Mountain

Joe Truskot,Unit 530, reflects on his journey to Regional Master, filled with challenges, triumphs, and the enjoyment of the bridge adventure. Read on for inspiration and wisdom from the path!

D21 Gives Back! Nominate a Charity

Jeff Hack,Chair, D21 Charity Committee, reports that after a pandemic-related break, D21 is returning to making charitable grants. The Charity Committee invites nominations. See Jeff’s report for the charities nominated so far and how to nominate your favorite charity. Nominations must be submitted by August 1.

Board of Directors Meeting

Ray Yuenger,Secretary, D21, gives a full report on the D21 Board of Directors meeting on June 12, 2024.

District 21 Policy – Non LIfe Master Regionals

Ray Yuenger,Secretary, D21, sets out the recently adopted District Policy regarding Non Life Master Regionals in District 21.