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Contest Conditions


Contest Conditions

District 21 follows the ACBL Conditions of Contest for all District 21 Regionals. District 21 elects the following options, as allowed in the ACBL Conditions of Contest:
1) In knockout team events, a team will not be paired against a previous opponent until as late a round as possible.
2) When a knockout team event advertised as bracketed draws only one bracket, the event will be handicapped.
3) ACBL Mid-Chart conventions will govern bidding and playing methods in the following events:
  1. The top bracket of multi-day knockout team events provided all teams in the bracket have an average of at least 1500 masterpoints per player,
  2. All Open (unstratified) and Flight A/X events of two or more sessions.
Note: Stratified events, Senior events, and Compact KOs are not eligible.

Note: ACBL Mid-Chart allowed conventions vary depending on the number of boards per round.  See the ACBL Convention Charts for details.

4) Cell phones, pagers, and other communication devices are allowed in the playing area, but must be turned off at all times.  Health-related equipment is exempt, as is any device used with the permission of the director-in-charge.  Violations may be penalized without warning.
5) All District 21 events are non-smoking.
6) For stratified Swiss team events, team stratifications shall be determined by the total masterpoints of the 4 highest members of the team.  This method does not apply to flighted Swiss teams, where each member of the team must meet the masterpoint requirements of the flight, per the ACBL.
7) Pet Policy. Non-participating children under the age of six and pets are not allowed to remain in the playing area of District 21 Regionals during play and for 15 minutes before and after play, subject to the following exceptions and restrictions:
  1. The tournament director-in-charge (DIC) shall grant an exception to a player (a player/owner) with disabilities who brings a working service dog (WSD) to the playing area if the player/owner provides credible evidence to the DIC that his or her WSD performs tasks. The only questions which the DIC may ask are Is this a service dog? and What tasks does the service dog do? The DIC may not ask questions regarding the player/owner’s disability or request certification or proof of the WSD’s training.
  2. The WSD must remain on a leash in a sitting or lying position within three feet of the player/owner or in a kennel within three feet of the player/owner during the game.
  3. The WSD must wear identification indicating that the dog is a service dog or support animal.
  4. The DIC may exclude a WSD from the playing area when the behavior of such dog or animal, in the judgment of the DIC, poses a direct threat to the health or safety of persons in the playing area.
  5. The player/owner must clean up (or assure that clean up is performed) after his or her WSD. Failure to comply with this requirement shall be documented by the DIC, and may result in disciplinary action under the Code of Disciplinary Regulations.

(Approved by the D21 board on May 31, 2008)
Updated Mid-chart June 2008
Updated Mid-chart item d., September 1, 2008.
Added Pet Policy (Item 7) as approved September 1, 2013.

"Any changes to the ACBL Conditions of Contest and
their allowed options take precedent over the items listed here."


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